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Acclaim (SSIP) Health & Safety Accreditation Renewal

Keenan CDM Acclaim Accreditation for Principal Designer 2020-2021 I’m pleased to confirm that the independent Acclaim (SSIP) Health & Safety Accreditation annual renewal certificate for the Keenan CDM Principal Designer service has been received for the 3rd year now (Reg 00388256).

This is achieved via independent assessment annually and enables Keenan CDM to demonstrate compliance with health and safety legislation – in this instance, compliance with the CDM Regulations for the provision of Principal Designer services.

Once again this demonstrates the Keenan CDM commitment to providing a comprehensive service via documented processes in line with the CDM Regulations requirements, in addition to the extensive CPD training undertaken annually.

FREE Designer’s CDM Guidance Resource: DIOHAS


Free useful guidance sheets for designers from the Designers’ Initiative on Health and Safety (DIOHAS) which is a group of representatives from major architectural practices, other construction disciplines and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

They develop and disseminate best practice in relation to construction health & safety, particularly with regards to the designers’ role under the CDM Regulations. Read more and view/download their helpful guidance sheets on their website – especially their “Section 1: Introduction” + “Section 2: Guidance” PDFs.

Currently 165 pages of very readable useful guidance!

Or Download KCDM curated PDF book version HERE (21 Oct 2020 Version)

IOSH CDM Course Completed (CPD Refresher)

IOSH CDM Awareness Course Cert 26 Aug 2020

Anthony completed an IOSH CDM Awareness Course in August as a refresher and CPD. This only one small part of the extensive on-going training required of a CDM/H&S professional and the significant amount of time required to keep up to date in the field.

Clients: are those you appoint for CDM services keeping up to date with their Continual Professional Development to ensure they’re abreast of the latest developments, legislation and topical issues in the construction health & safety field?

You never ‘know it all’ and continual training is a must!

COVID-19 Design Considerations – Attention Designers!

DESIGNERS – Are you designing for Covid-19 to help eliminate ‘close working’ on site?

The CICV Forum’s Construction Operating Guidance (SOP) (v4 26th Aug at time of writing) includes a section on close working and how this can be eliminated via various methods, with the first example being via design as the extract below from page 27:

Stages of the construction process where <2m tasks can be eliminated/mitigated:
Design – Sections of materials are:

  • 2.5m long or longer, or
  • materials can be installed by an individual (i.e. lightweight materials and simplified fixings)
  • mechanical means for lifting and access can be used while keeping construction personnel >2m apart

Please consider these elimination/mitigation measures when preparing designs – essential when discharging your duties under the CDM Regs in relation to this foreseeable hazard.