CDM Services: CDM Consultant / Adviser

Keenan CDM can also act as CDM Consultant or your official “External CDM Adviser” to assist in your day-to-day CDM advice and compliance needs and to meet the more formal needs imposed by clients, tender bid documentation and pre-qualification etc requirements such as:

  • CDM Consultant Services to suit your specific needs
  • Day to day project advice on CDM matters for your organisation
  • Certified annual retainer ‘CDM Advice Service’
  • Named external adviser on CHAS / Acclaim / SSIP etc applications
  • Named external adviser on tender bids, ITTs, PQQs, etc
  • Holiday and sickness cover for your in-house CDM adviser
  • Architect CDM adviser service – regular or ad-hoc

Keenan CDM - CDM Advice Service Certificate EXAMPLEThis service is available to:

  • Principal Designers
  • Architects & Engineers
  • Other Designers
  • Clients

Whatever your requirements, Keenan CDM can provide a quality “CDM Consultant” or  “External CDM Adviser” service at a competitive rate (the latter from £150/pa) and services can be tailored to suit your specific needs – get in touch to discuss your requirements.