Peatlands Restoration Projects: Training & Demo Event

Peatland ACTION training event - site works shown in image

Anthony Keenan attended this 2 day training event last week in Comrie, provided by The Crichton Carbon Centre on behalf of Peatland Action, in association with Scottish National Heritage (future Peatland ACTION events can be found here).

This was aimed at Consultants, Contractors, Agents, Land Managers and Factors looking to undertake peatland restoration projects. It included an overview of Scotland’s peatland resource, peatland condition and extent, an overview of restoration techniques, an introduction to planning a peatland restoration project and a site visit to view and discuss ditch blocking and re-profiling techniques. With attendees from a wide rage of disciplines it generated some very useful discussion and knowledge sharing.

Peatland ACTION training event - Health & Safety CDM Regulations advice available from Keenan CDM

Peatland Action is the project helping to restore damaged peatlands in Scotland. Since 2012, over 19,000 hectares have been put on the road to recovery with funding provided by the Scottish Government.

The HSE have confirmed that this type of project and the work involved does indeed constitute a “construction project” under the CDM Regulations and as such all Clients, Designers & Contractors involved must comply with the Regs as they apply to them.


If you are involved with any projects of this nature in Scotland and looking for knowledgeable CDM consultant services, or just some advice, then please get in touch with Keenan CDM.

With thanks to The Crichton Carbon Centre,  Peatland Action and Scottish National Heritage.

Scotland Strengthens Fire Safety Regs Post-Grenfell

More stringent fire safety provisions will come into force in Scotland on 1st October as part of changes to building standards

Coming into force in October, the new building standards will ban combustible materials in buildings of higher than 11m (down from the previous 18m).

They will also mandate that new tall buildings must have at least two fire exits. These additional escape stairs and the introduction of evacuation alert systems and storey identification signs will also help fire and rescue services in the unlikely event of a partial or full-scale evacuation.

Facilities for people with disabilities will also be improved in larger new buildings under the revised standards.

The new rule will stipulate that the external wall cladding of buildings over 11m should be constructed using materials with European classification A1 or A2, which are non-combustible.

This clause has also been extended to include materials used to construct balconies, solar panels and solar shading.

(Read More at: Inside Housing, BBC News and The Construction Index)

New Project: 38 Residential Units in Aviemore

Allan Munro Construction

A local project for Keenan CDM being brought on board to take over CDM Principal Designer services on this residential housing project.

Providing 38 houses and flats on a greenfield site, providing much sought after housing in this beautiful area and the first 9 unit being constructed are designated as affordable housing and are being taken by Albyn Housing Society.

Residential Housing, Burnside, Aviemore

Keenan CDM Principal Designer services on residential project in Aviemore, Highlands of Scotland

Keenan CDM Principal Designer services on Burnside residential project in Aviemore