CDM Services: Other CDM Services

Keenan CDM can also provide a variety of stand-alone service to Clients and Principal Designers to assist them in carrying out their duties under the CDM Regulations including:

  • Pre Construction Information Pack Preparation
  • Pre Construction Information Pack Reviews
  • Health & Safety File Preparation
  • Health & Safety File Reviews
  • Building Manual Preparation
  • Construction Phase Plan Reviews
  • CDM Design Risk Management Reviews
  • Principal Designer & Principal Contractor Compliance Reviews
  • General Ad-Hoc CDM Advice
  • HSE F10 Form Project Notifications
  • Provision of Holiday / Illness Cover to other Principal Designers
  • And more…

Whatever your requirements, Keenan CDM can provide a quality service at a competitive rate and services can be tailored to suit your specific needs – get in touch to discuss your requirements.