CDM Services: Adviser to Principal Designer

Have you been appointed as Principal Designer and need assistance?
Many designers are finding Clients wish to directly appoint them as Principal Designer but often these designers do not have the in-house health & safety Skills, Knowledge and Experience to be able to accept this CDM health & safety based appointment.
In these cases it is perfectly acceptable (and common) for the designer in question to sub-consult to a CDM specialist consultant to provide assistance in providing the Principal Designer service.

You can engage Keenan CDM as your sub-consultant to act as Advisor to Principal Designer, allowing you to  both accept the Principal Designer appointment from your Client and also properly discharge your duties as Principal Designer. Services can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Why Choose Keenan CDM as your adviser?
Keenan CDM has over 25 years CDM Regulations experience, including as Adviser to Principal Designer, plus the necessary and demonstrable Skills, Knowledge and Experience and ‘designer’ classification to fulfil the role of Principal Designer for your project (part duration or entire project).  You will receive a quality service at a competitive rate with attention to detail at all stages. Read more on the About and Experience pages.

What can Keenan CDM offer as your adviser?
As much or as little as you require, with services tailored to your specific needs such as:

  • Effectively carry our the full Principal Designer service on your behalf, or
  • Prepare the Pre Construction Information Pack and/or
  • Review and comment  on PC’s Construction Phase Plan* and/or
  • Make F10 Notification(s)* and/or
  • Preparation of the project H&S File and/or
  • Preparation of the Building Manual*, or
  • Or whatever bespoke combination of the above suits your needs

(* If the Client has asked you to do these non PD duties on their behalf)