CDM Services: Client CDM Adviser

Are you looking for advice & assistance in discharging your CDM Client Duties?
HSE state that the client has a major influence over the way their project is procured and managed. Regardless of the size of the project, the client has contractual control, appoints designers and contractors, and determines the money, time and other resources available. Because of this, CDM 2015 makes a commercial client accountable for the impact their decisions and approach have on health, safety and welfare on their project.

As Client you have numerous duties under the CDM Regulations which must be complied with to ensure a safe and successful project and to avoid potential prosecution. 

However you may not have the time, resourcing, knowledge or experience to fully understand and comply with these duties and so you could engage Keenan CDM to act as your Client CDM Adviser, to assist with discharging your duties and ensuring you are CDM compliant. Services can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Why choose Keenan CDM as your adviser?
Keenan CDM has over 25 years CDM Regulations experience, including as Client CDM Adviser, plus demonstrable Skills, Knowledge and Experience to act as CDM Adviser for your project (part duration or entire project).  You will receive a quality service at a competitive rate with attention to detail at all stages. Read more about Keenan CDM on the About and Experience pages.

What can Keenan CDM offer as your adviser?
As much or as little as you require, with services tailored to your specific, assisting with  your your Client duties such as :

  • Assist in compiling your client brief and management arrangements for the project
  • Assist with design team appointments and Skills/Knowledge/Experience checks
  • Attending some/all project meetings with you to advise and monitor CDM compliance
  • Assist in commissioning of Pre Construction Info and liaison with Principal Designer
  • Review of the Principal Contractor’s Construction Phase Plan prior to site start
  • Notification of your project to HSE via F10 Form Notifications
  • Assist in preparing your Heath & Safety File requirements
  • Assist in monitoring Principal Designer & Principal Contractor duties compliance
  • Or whatever bespoke combination of the above suits your needs

NB: Client Adviser is not a statutory appointment/duty required by the CDM Regulations and this page is based on the optional service of assisting with commercial client duties under the CDM Regulations – domestic clients are dealt with differently.