New Project: 60 Affordable Homes in East Lothian

Cruden Homes East

Keenan CDM are providing CDM Consultant Services (Principal Designer) for this affordable housing project on the first phase, Site 1, of the Blindwells Masterplan, for regular client Cruden Homes (East)

The project comprises the new build construction of 60 affordable housing units made up of 32 houses and 28 cottage flats.

These will be predominantly 2 storey with a mix of terraced and semi-detached properties and built in timber kit construction.

‘Site 1’ Blindwells Masterplan, East  Lothian

Affordable Housing CDM Consultant Principal Designer Services by Keenan CDM at Blindwells Site 1, East Lothian

Affordable Residential Housing CDM Consultant at Blindwells Site 1, East Lothian