Scottish Gov’t Plan for Phased Return of Construction


The construction sector could return to work on a phased basis from May 28 under a new framework announced today by the Scottish Government. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said today: “The construction industry will be able to carefully implement steps one and two of its six-step restart plan, which it has developed with us“.

The industry-agreed* six-step phased model for the return of the construction sector is as follows…

  • Phase 0: Planning
  • Phase 1: Covid-19 Pre-start Site prep
  • Phase 2: ‘Soft start’ to site works (only where physical distancing can be maintained)
  • Phase 3: Steady state operation (only where physical distancing can be maintained)
  • Phase 4: Steady state operation (where physical distancing can be maintained and/or with PPE use)
  • Phase 5: Increasing density/productivity with experience

(*Worth noting that today was the first time many of us on the ground have seen this six-step plan!)

Read more at Scottish Construction Now 21 May Article: Gov’t Outlines Phased Return to Construction.

UPDATE 22 MAY: Also read update on Scottish Construction Now 22 May Article: Further Clarity Sought.

UPDATE 22 MAY: ‘Phase 0’ and ‘Phase 1’ are approved so far per a Scottish Housing News article… “The construction sector will be instructed to implement the first two phases in its restart plan with a decision to move to ‘phase 2’ of the construction sector’s plan only after consulting with government to ensure it is safe to do so in line with public health advice“.

UPDATE 22 MAY: Also refer Brodies Legal update here: