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Construction Site Guidance Collection

Page last updated 28th May  (Scottish Safe Operating Guidance docs added)

This page has been prepared by Keenan CDM with the intention of gathering key guidance information from various sources in one location for ease of reference, however is not exhaustive and not guaranteed as fully up-to-date since this is a rapidly developing situation, so please ensure that you follow the latest Government guidance as it is published.


New & updated documents as of 28th May 2020 available to view/download direct from the sources below:

Expanded Guidelines to Underpin Construction Scotland’s Safe Operating Guidance
By Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum

Guidance for the Scottish Construction Industry
By Construction Scotland

Working on site during the COVID-19 pandemic: Construction Guidance
By Construction Scotland


Industry standard guidance to be followed by contractors to ensure they are protecting their workforce and minimising the risk of spread of infection.

GUIDANCE DOCUMENT – CLC (Construction Leadership Forum) Site Operating Procedures – Protecting Your Workforce During Coronavirus (Covid-19) [Issue 04, 18th May 2020]  UK Guidance.


CITB Coronavirus (COVID-19) communication updates pages

COVID-19 site safety checklists and forms (from CITB Page update 19th May)

During the pandemic it is essential that the workforce is protected to minimise the risk of infection on construction sites. CITB have worked hard with CLC and others to produce a comprehensive range of checklists and forms are available to download. CITB are trying to help employers by providing this information. It will ensure that those who are permitted and able to return to work have a clear understanding of how they can apply the CLC’s COVID-19 Site operating procedures guidance in practice. Guidance on issues such as close working, cleaning and what employees should do if they become unwell are included.

CC01: COVID-19 – Site operating procedures compliance checklist: An interactive checklist to ensure compliance with current guidance on protecting your workforce on site during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Download: CC01 COVID-19 – Site operating procedures compliance checklist (PDF file, 1MB) – CLC v4

CC02: COVID-19 – Health, safety and environmental risk assessment template: A guide offering example control measures for those required to undertake risk assessment of the workplace and specific activities on site. An interactive risk assessment template is also included in order to facilitate this process.
Download: CC02 COVID-19 – Health safety and environment risk assessment template (PDF file, 2MB) – CLC v4

CC03: COVID-19 – A toolbox talk for construction workers: Designed to be delivered to construction workers by their manager or supervisor. Good communication is essential for health and safety management on construction sites. It is vitally important that contractors, managers and supervisors engage and consult with workers, as it is an effective way of identifying hazards and controlling risks.
Download: CC03: COVID-19 – A toolbox talk for construction workers (PDF file, 325KB) – CLC v4

CC04: COVID-19 – Weekly site operating procedures checklist: An interactive checklist, designed to ensure ongoing compliance with both established and additional procedures.
Download: CC04: COVID-19 – Weekly site operating procedures checklist (PDF file, 1M) – CLC v4

CITB Additional resources

We (CITB) have also released our complete library of 98 interactive checklists and forms from our GE700 Construction Site Safety publication for free download. The comprehensive range of checklists and forms are designed to help with the day-to-day management of construction sites.
Link: GE700 – Checklists and forms


Coronavirus (COVID-19): latest information and advice website page.

Working safely during the coronavirus outbreak (including PDF guide docs)

Social distancing, keeping businesses open and in-work activities during the coronavirus outbreak

Also, the construction industry has come together to show how it has been interpreting and applying government guidance in responding to Covid-19 by providing practical examples of how it is safeguarding its workforce while operating sites [Links to webpage with many examples].


Detailing measures taken, rules, etc and prepared using CLC Site Operating Procedures guidance (Various Dates).


UK Government Guidance Document for Construction and other outdoor work (11 May 2020)
“Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) in construction and other outdoor work”